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Long Term Storage

Strategically situated in the Midlands, our 15,000 square foot storage facility boasts excellent transport connections across the country. Businesses are saving thousands each month by storing their goods from Office Clearance in London here, freeing up valuable real estate they'd otherwise utilize.

Competitively Priced

Our storage solutions save you significant money by providing an affordable alternative to using valuable office or warehouse space for inventory.

Secure Compound

Our top-notch security measures and dedicated care for stored items guarantee peace of mind, ensuring your goods remain safe and well-maintained throughout their storage period.

Strategic Location

Situated in the Midlands with excellent transport connections, our facility ensures easy access and efficient distribution throughout the country, reducing logistical hassles.

Flexible Options

We offer flexible storage solutions tailored to your needs, accommodating varying quantities and types of goods, ensuring convenience and adaptability to your business requirements.


Secure. Convenient. Affordable.


Inventory Assessment

Initiate the process by providing an inventory list via email or opt for an on-site survey to quantify the stock intake. This step ensures a comprehensive understanding of your storage needs.


Accurate Pricing

Receive an estimate quote based on price per square metre, ensuring transparency in cost estimation. The quote is precise to the nearest 20%, offering a clear understanding of expected expenses.



We equip you with all necessary moving supplies—plastic crates, cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap—essential for a smooth relocation. The cost breakdown, including plastic crate hire, is detailed within the provided quote.


Specialist Removal Teams

Our experienced removal teams execute the physical removal of furniture and items from your site. Additionally, we offer labor services in advance to assist with packing, ensuring a hassle-free process.


Deep Storage Loading

Transport the stock back to our storage unit for loading into deep storage. This type of storage is specifically designed for secure long-term storage, not for frequent access or retrieval.


Flexible Access Options

If short-term, flexible access is required for phased redeliveries or other specific needs, explore our flexi-storage options. We provide tailored quotes to accommodate these requirements.

W H Y  C H O O S E  3 D?

As a family-run business, we prioritize seamless, low-disruption solutions. Our competitive pricing stems from an efficient supply chain, ensuring you get both quality service and great value.

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