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Our Recycling Method

For more than 18 years, 3D Office Clearance London has been dedicated to minimizing landfill waste through our office furniture recycling services in London. With an impressive 97% landfill avoidance rate, our primary focus is on responsibly redistributing office contents to sustainably manage resources. Discover our innovative office furniture recycling process here.



WEEE Disposal


At 3D Office Clearance London, we possess extensive expertise in various office furniture brands and stay up-to-date with style trends. This enables us to identify office furniture with great potential for refurbishment across the UK, avoiding the unnecessary recycling of perfectly good items. By finding these pieces a new purpose and a longer lifespan, we contribute to sustainable office furniture recycling in London.

If you have very large quantities (100 items or more) check out our asset purchase guidelines here:



Our commitment to office furniture recycling goes beyond London. Through our partnerships with global charities, particularly in Africa, we make a significant impact. Up to 20% of the office furniture we clear finds purpose beyond recycling; it is directed to schools and offices in regions such as Ghana, Nigeria, and various countries in Europe. This initiative not only involves donating furniture but also focuses on fostering community development, enhancing educational spaces, and supporting operational infrastructure in these diverse locations.


At 3D Office Clearance London, we transport office furniture to various locations across the UK for efficient recycling. At these sites, we meticulously break down the furniture into wood, metal, and plastic parts, ensuring optimal resource reuse. These materials are then transformed into different products, such as paper, sawdust, and plastic bottles. Our office furniture recycling process promotes a sustainable circular economy.


W.E.E.E. Disposal

Moreover, our services extend to the meticulous clearance of both IT and hazardous waste from sites. Through close collaboration with reputable WEEE disposal partners, we guarantee the confidential destruction of hard drives and provide comprehensive electrical recycling certificates. This approach not only prioritizes security but also offers a detailed audit trail, providing assurance and transparency throughout the office furniture recycling process.

Prefer to talk to someone about your office furniture recycling requirements in London? Give us a call.

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