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Small Office Clearance, or Large... We Have You Covered.

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Small Office Clearances

When it comes to the contents of your office we do not discriminate. Even if your furniture is not fit for resale, or there isn’t enough, we have various recycling opportunities available. Used office furniture is donated, exported or broken down into raw materials and reused. We have a 100% commitment to avoiding landfill. We can also provide a waste removal service including stationary, paperwork, canteen equipment and general rubbish.

3D Office Clearance has the resources to conduct an office clearance of 1000 staff + for minimal cost... and in many cases, we can offer a free office clearance.

Our Service includes

  • Office Furniture Clearance

  • Furniture Removal & Disposal

  • WEEE & Data Destruction

  • Canteen Equipment Removal

  • General Rubbish Removal

Call 3D Office Clearance today for all of your furniture removal/ disposal needs.


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